FLL Fashion Week Pop Up Shops: March 16 & 17, 2018



SnazzyOutlet is proud to partner with the exclusive Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week (FLLFW) to deliver FLL Fashion Week Pop-up Shops 2018 – powered by SnazzyOutlet. The FLL Fashionweek Pop-up Shops event is an eclectic collection of fabulous and exclusive fashion designers, boutiques, and beauty businesses that congregate to showcase highly coveted and stylish clothes, accessories and products for the glamorous FLL Fashion Week kickoff event.





  1. 10% Discount for Approved SnazzyOutlet Boutiques — $300 $270Designers and Boutiques are invited to apply to sell as a boutique on SnazzyOutlet and receive an additional 10% discount towards your FLLFW Pop-Up Shops registration – a combined 20% discount!*
    • Boutiques that have been approved to sell on SnazzyOutlet will receive an additional 10% coupon; with this coupon you will get 20% off your FashionWeek Pop-Up Shops registration if you register by November 23rd.





FLL FASHION WEEK – Shop South Florida’s Fashion Designers’ limited edition products, see live presentations featuring new Spring Summer 2018 collections, meet the designers behind the FLLFW brands.

SNAZZYOUTLET is the premier Florida-based online luxury fashion destination, catering to stylish customers by offering exclusive products sold through fashion designers and boutiques’ user-friendly editable storefronts on the modern SnazzyOutlet marketplace platform.



  • This Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week’s Pop-ups bridges the gap between commerce and high fashion, opening our doors to the press and public alike. Join us in experiencing an exclusive FLL Fashion Week Event.


  • A coming together of like-minded brands host live presentations featuring their new Spring Summer 18 -19 collections with exclusive and unique items available for purchase, giving you exclusive access into the latest fashions and lifestyle trends in an experience led, co-curated 3 day pop up shop in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.


  • Experience, Explore, Enter our World; Shop unique, limited edition product, Meet the designers behind the brands, join us for exclusive shopping events, designer workshops, talks, happy hours + more.
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  • For more details, visit: WWW.FLLFASHIONWEEK.COM
  • Expect: Luxury shopping, exclusive insights into new season collections, presentations and evening events
  • Standard Booths start at $300 USD. This includes approximately 65 square feet of space (roughly 8ft x 8ft, space for a banquet table, two chairs, and standing room). Space allocation may vary depending on the venue. We do try to allow extra space for caterers and photo booths.



How do I register?
Registration is 100% online, via Eventbrite (select the appropriate category and click the green “register” button at the top of the page to proceed to checkout). All major credit cards are accepted. We prefer that you use a credit card for payment so your booth space is reserved immediately upon checkout. Please contact us if you need to make special arrangements for payment, such as a corporate check etc.

How many buyers/guests attend your shows?
Typically around 200-400 guests per day.
Do you charge buyers to attend the show?
No – we ask that they pre-register (so we have good contact info and other lead-related data), but the tickets are free for buyers, press, and bloggers.

How do you advertise the show?
We have developed a great “secret formula” using social media, email marketing, and local promoters to help us get the word out about our shows. Most of our guests are from Dade County, West Palm Beach and Broward.

Do you limit the number of vendors at the show?
Yes – we are limited to a maximum total number of vendors (depending on the show venue, normally 30-40), and we also limit the number of vendors in each category (typically 3-5 vendors from each category – i.e. 5 beauty products, 3 jewelry, etc.). The registration page will show the number of booth registrations remaining for each category. As the show date gets closer, we do have some flexibility and will occassionally add an extra booth to a particular category, so check with us if your category is sold out and we may be able to accomodate you.
Note that some categories (such as Mary Kay, It Works, and 31 Gifts) are limited to one vendor per show. These booth spaces always sell out very early.

When do we set up for the show?
Doors typically open for vendors 4 hours before the show. It is imperative that you must arrive 4 hours prior to the event to set up. Booth locations are issued on a first come, first serve basis (so if you are the last vendor to arrive, you’ll get the last available space…that no one else wanted!). Even if you only think it will take you a few minutes to setup, please keep in mind there will be 30 to 40 other vendors trying to park, unload, and setup at the same time as you, and setup must be complete 1 hour before the show starts. We recommend you arrive early, setup, then relax and go grab some coffee or brunch and come back for the show ready to knock em dead!

Will we have pipe & drape surrounding our booth?
We keep our costs low by using as few rental items as possible and for the set up to look simple and clean, so in most cases your booth will either have the wall, or pipe and drape, behind it. There will not be pipe and drape between each booth.

Can I bring extra people to help me work my booth?
Yes – in fact that’s a great idea! Especially for the first couple of hours, the show can be very busy, so it’s a good idea to have an extra person or two. We ask that you have a maximum of two people helping you out. Please keep it reasonable and be courteous of your neighbors and our space limitations. It’s also a great idea to have someone help you setup and breakdown. We request full names of your helpers 5 days before the event as they will need to check-in when they arrive.

Can we provide food or product samples?
Yes – For example, most caterers provide food samples, a buffet, or food display at the show.

Can we do giveaways or special promotions at the show?
Yes, you’re allowed to do giveaways or add place gift bags on the runway chairs. You are also encouraged to offer prizes and discounts, and you can announce these via the show MC/DJ during the intermissions.

Can we sell products at the show?
Yes. But keep in mind, most guests are not always in “buying mode” at Fashion shows – they are often looking for information which helps them to buy. You might find a more effective approach is to collect contact information for follow up, and set an appointment to have the clients visit your business after the show, when you have each other’s full attention.

Will electricty and wi-fi be available?
Yes – our venues typically provide electricity and wi-fi. Please bring your own power strips.

Do vendors receive a lead list with guests’ email addresses after the show?
Yes – Your registration includes the list of all the designers and guests who attended the show, along with contact info.
We also offer Facebook, Instagram sponsorships and email blasts (also available as upgrades when you register), which is a great way to increase your exposure to the local fashion market.
Note that it takes us about a week to prepare the lead list, so we encourage you to collect contact info at the show (especially for those “hot leads”) so you can follow up as soon as possible after the show.

For more questions about the pop-up shops event, please email admin@SnazzyOutlet.com
For general information about the FLL Fashion Week, email info@fllfashionweek.com Or call (954) 289-2538 and visit www.fllfashionweek.com


SNAZZYOUTLET is the premier Florida-based online luxury fashion destination, catering to stylish customers by offering exclusive products sold through fashion designers and boutiques’ user-friendly editable storefronts on the modern SnazzyOutlet marketplace platform. SnazzyOutlet optimizes marketing analytics to drive relevant traffic to fashion designers and boutiques’ storefronts, who we support with several benefits, including cost-efficient shipping and payment solutions.